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Book 2: Tin Gods Rock Stars

About the Book

What happens on tour doesn’t stay on tour. Not when she’s your best friend’s little sister.

Ella Robinson

I’m kinda the definition of a flake. I’m on my—one, two three—fourth career. And I’ve had to ask my brother for help navigating through all of them. I thought I’d have my life together by now. But here I am, still leaning on my big brother. He’s hired me to be his social media photographer while he’s on tour with his band, The Tin Gods. The last thing I need right now is complications. Enter Jesse Mala.

Jesse Mala

She’s the definition of forbidden—my best friend’s little sister. I’ve known her since she was in kindergarten. She was always a pest to Chase, but it made me feel good to look out for her. Until her graduation party when I almost stepped over that invisible line. Since then I’ve done my best to put distance between us. Ella is just too damn tempting.

Good thing she’s going on tour with us. And following us around with her camera. And sleeping on our bus.

No way is this gonna end well.

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The Details

Published: Coming May 30
Publisher: Gillian Archer
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
Rock star romance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Best Friend's Sister, Forced Proximity, Forbidden Romance