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Fighting for King

Book 2: Star Studded Series

About the Book

Fourth time’s the charm. Actor Kingston Grier’s new nanny is sticking around. Is it because she’s taking care of more than his daughter? Stay tuned…

Kingston: Stability. That’s what my daughter needs and what I want. And it’ll keep my ex’s family from filing for custody of my baby girl. But every nanny I hire is more focused on me than my daughter. I can’t even make eye contact without them thinking I’m flirting. I’m not.

Briar: Kingston Grier might be a Hollywood Hunk, but the guy has the personality of a potato. Could he at least talk to me in syllables and not grunts?  His daughter couldn’t be more different from her dad. One look into her baby blue eyes and I am in love.

After a few weeks living in his house, I’m starting to see the appeal. It’s getting harder and harder to deny my growing feelings for him. But when his ex-in-laws make good on their threat and file for custody, I have to decide if our burgeoning relationship is worth fighting for.

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The Details

Published: Fall 2022
Formats: EbookPaperback