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King of Hearts

King of Hearts

My escape attempt is going as planned…until I stumble across a faery orgy.

Kidnapped into slavery by an evil faery queen, I’m desperate to get back to my world. My opportunity finally arrives when the faeries assume human costumes for their Midsummers Night party. I blend in and am almost free. Until I see him. Tianrnan Dairine. A faery prince.

My mind is screaming to leave but my body is begging me to stay. Tiarnan’s touch decides the matter. And when we make love, he captures not only my body, but my heart as well.

Tiarnan might be becoming the king of my heart, but this faery prince hates humans. When the night is over and our two worlds collide, will he be able to forgive me for being human?

*This short story was previously published as Faery Seductive Escape and has been extensively revised from its original release*

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